Half Marathon Relay/Exchange Site

Both participants on a half marathon relay team should report to Lake Kohlmeier on race day morning.  Once Runner #1 has started the race, Runner #2 will be shuttled to the exchange location. Please look for the shuttle bus, after the start of the race, at the entry to the lake. If Runner #2 does not plan to ride the shuttle bus, you must let the shuttle driver or race official know prior to the start of the race so that the bus does not get held up while waiting for you.

The exchange location is on the corner of Rose Street and Greenhaven Lane.  Once the exchange has been made, Runner #1 will take the shuttle bus back to Lake Kohlmeier to meet their partner at the finish line.  Each runner will run 6.5 miles approximately.

Restroom facilities will be available at the transfer site.

Contact Information:

From The Heart PO Box 853 Owatonna, MN 55060